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Rompetrol Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation have signed a sponsorship agreement for cooperation starting from 2018.

Rompetrol Bulgaria would support the Bulgarian athletesin the weightlifting sport to encourage development and high achievements. Rompetrol brand, owned by KMG International, is a traditional supporter of weightlifting, partnering with national Federations in the countries where the Group carries out its activities.

“Rompetrol Bulgaria will now support the efforts of Bulgarian athletes to promote clean sport and fair play, develop further and demonstrate their full potential. We wish them to reach higher achievements and we will help them though the way. ”, said Mr. Zhanibek Nugertayev, General Manager of Rompetrol Bulgaria EAD.

“Bulgarian Weightlifting federation is proud to partner with Rompetrol Bulgaria. This support will help our sportsmen to aim for even better performance.”, said Mr. NedelchoKplev, Chairman of the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation.

KMG International has been a constant supporter of Romanian, Georgian and Kazakh Weightlifting Federations. Starting May 2017, the CEO of KMG International and the president of Kazakh Weightlifting Federation, Mr. Zhanat Tussupbekov, was elected Vice-president and Chairman of the Marketing Commission of the International Weightlifting Federation.

About Rompetrol Bulgaria EAD

Rompetrol Bulgaria is part of KMG International Group, one of the biggest brands with Romanian roots, placed amongst the true local super-brands in Europe. With around 6,000 employees in 11 countries, KMG International NV is owned by the national oil and gas company of Kazakhstan – KazMunayGas. In Romania, KMG International holds one of the largest and most modern refineries in the Black Sea Region - PetromidiaNăvodari, with a refining capacity of 5 million tons of feedstock per year, and also Vega Ploiesti Refinery, producer of special solvents and the country’s sole of N-hexane and Bitum, and also a petrochemical unit, the sole producer of polymers.

The Group’s distribution network comprises of more than 1,000 fuel selling points in Romania, Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria and also in France and Spain through Dyneff – a partnership with CEFC China Energy Limited 51% / 49%.

Rompetrol Bulgaria EAD has a current network of 54 fuel stations across the country. The company sells to the Bulgarian customers European-standard quality fuels produced at Petromidia refinery – one of the leading refineries in the region. The company is aiming at active development within the next years, including network expansion, constant service quality improvement.