Efix Diesel

The most important exchange part is fuel!

Rompetrol offers the market flagship in diesel quality by introducing Efix Diesel.

Multiple advantages for Diesel Engines

Efix Diesel contains a mixture of additives that ensures the cleansing of injectors, protects against corrosion, assures their optimal maintenance and a low fuel consumption. In this manner, its advantages are both seen in vehicle's behavior on the road, as well as in the driver's pocket, who needs not spend high amounts of money on repairs and spare parts.


Efix Diesel was designed to best fit Diesel engines with an advanced exhaust catalyst system, according to the Euro standards. Also, it has a low sulphur content, which ensures a significant reduction of sulphur oxide emissions.

The best results

The quality of this fuel, offered by Rompetrol, is proven also by the laboratory tests regarding its corrosive effects. These located Efix on the highest position, making it the ideal fuel for diesel engines.

For more information visit  www.efix.ro