Gas cylinders

Your independent energy source!

At international level, Rompetrol offers its clients, through Rompetrol Gas, a wide range of LPG with various destinations: household (heating, cooking), industrial, transport, both in retail and wrack, aiming to meet the needs of each market segment through quality and proximity.

Guaranteed safety

LPG for gas cylinders is a mixture of butane, which offers all the benefits associated with natural gas. Thus, an instant providing of heat control is produced, so that the cooking at the gas cylinder is just like cooking with gas from other sources.

Assures an unpolluted environment

In addition to that, carbon dioxide emanations are minimal, so the fuel is non-aggressive for the environment.

Complete solutions

At international level, Rompetrol Gas offers products for household, small industries and services, from bottled gas stoves, propane gas tanks, to auto LPG gas cylinders, covering thus the whole range of efficient solutions necessary to any type of household or company.

Nationwide coverage in Romania

With nationwide coverage in Romania, Rompetrol Gas sales stove loads through approx. 8,000 sale points, as well as in Rompetrol Downstream. For other types of loads, and for any questions about Rompetrol Gas products, please contact