Discover a fuel of the future!

Rompetrol established the liquefied petroleum gas trading division in order to provide the Romanian market with a a secure, economic and environmentally friendly fuel.


One of its main advantages is given primarily from the benefits in the use of LPG. The first of these is that it is a fuel obtained at a relatively low cost and, moreover, it can be installed on any gasoline powered engine. Thus, is recommended and suitable for any type of car.


Also, the installation of an LPG supply is safer than its equivalent on gasoline, due to the tank's high resistance and safety systems.

Suitable for every car

Thus, use of LPG fuel becomes essential in achieving quality, safety and professionalism.


In addition, because it uses a fuel with no sulfur, benzene, lead or other carcinogens, LPG blends well with air. In this manner, a more homogeneous fuel mixture and improved combustion is realized, without deposits, helping protect the environment through reduced air pollutant emissions.