Efix Gasoline 95

The most important exchange part is fuel!

By launching Efix, Rompetrol introduced a new quality standard - an unleaded gasoline which protects the engine.

Cleans the injectors

Efix is a fuel completely based on an optimum combination of additives and active compounds, which has the specific characteristic of cleaning the injectors, valves and cylinders and maintaining them.

Decreases fuel consumption

Efix was designed in such way that in the case of continuous usage, fuel consumption decreases up to 3%. Also, it respects the Euro 5 standards, it has low sulfur, benzene and olefin levels and it is rated 95 octane. All necessary compounds and additives to clean the engine and protect it from corrosion and grounds. An engine protected by Efix performs at its maximum and its consumption is reduced.

Optimum combination of additives

Efix powered by Rompetrol is the first fuel that provides engine protection. The fuel contains all necessary additives and compounds for engine cleansing and protection against corrosion and grounds. An engine protected by Efix performs at its best and has a reduced fuel consumption.

Suitable for every car

In addition, Efix is destined for both the    cars whose engines are equipped with built-in exhaust catalyst system, and those   equipped with advanced exhaust gas  purification. Thus, no matter the car, Efix will take care that it will function at its full power.


Efix Gasoline 95

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