Respect for employees

TRG encourages the inventivity and talent of its employees. We tempt to maintain a cooperative working atmosphere so as the employees to meet their potentials. As such, we manage to help them in enhancing their lives through development opportunities and employment practices, grounded on equal opportunities and the Standard of Good Occupational Practice and Safety.


We embrace ethic standards in all fields of enterprise, in our relations with both clients and partners. We commit ourselves to always adopting a straightforward attitude in our business relations and towards the services we provide.

Ongoing Involvement

We are much aware that an efficient and harmonious communication between the partners and ourselves is essential to the company’s evolution. Thus, we temp to maintain an open and efficient manner of communicating.

Health and Safety

We believe that our success and growth is also due to the attention given to health, workplace safety and the environment. This is why the safety of our employees and clients is essential.

Risk Management

We are determined to create a work environment in which the risks could be avoided at most times, if not eliminated. This aim is met through a constant risk evaluation and the implementation of safety measures.

Education and Leadership

We constantly strive to enhance the lives of the communities in which we are present. Thus, we encourage the employees to have an active role in the community and offer them the necessary support in order for them to leave a positive mark.

Respect for local communities

We tempt to begin and maintain harmonious relations with the communities in which we are present. Apart of the hiring opportunities we offer, we wish to bring positive contributions in the life of communities so as to maintain our reputation as good employers and responsible community members.


In respect to the domain of social responsibility, we guide ourselves after the ten principles listed in the Global Pact of The United Nations Union concerning domains such as human rights, work, protecting the environment and fighting corruption.