The Rompetrol Group N.V. is a multinational oil company, operating in 12 countries. The main activities are represented by refining, marketing and trading, exploration and production, and other oil industry services such as drilling, EPCM, and transportation. TRG aims to become one of the largest independent oil companies in Europe and to obtain a strong position in the Black Sea and Mediterranean areas.

The Rompetrol Group N.V. is a well-established oil company, a trustworthy worldwide partner, and a revered corporate citizen. The success and strength of our business lies first and foremost with our staff. Therefore, if our actions are dynamic, modern, creative and experienced, that is due to the employees who sustain our business.

The Rompetrol Group N.V. recognizes and accepts the moral responsibilities of promoting and protecting the Health, Safety and Well Being of everyone involved in our activities, the employees of our company and our partners, their families, our clients and suppliers, the communities located near our work places and the public influenced by our work environment.

The Rompetrol Group N.V. is committed to conduct all activities in such a way as to safeguard the natural environment.

The Rompetrol Group N.V. will promote the highest standards in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment by establishing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive QHSE Management system that will include the following aims:

  • To set clear objectives and responsibilities for Quality, Health, Safety & Environment performance across all levels of the business units companies;
  • To monitor our performance with reviews and audits to ensure that our controls are effective and objectives are being achieved;
  • To foster positive health & safety culture throughout the organization;
  • To ensure that appropriate training, supervision, information and resources are provided to all employees and contractors to enable our QHSE objectives to be achieved;
  • To establish methods for identifying and assessing hazards and eliminating quality non-conformance and HSE incidents;
  • To communicate with all our employees and other interested parties on matters that may affect their Health, Safety or Environment;
  • To conserve natural resources through energy conservation and minimization of waste generation and emissions;
  • To establish a strong and clear QHSE Management Organization as well as effective, efficient, transparent and integrated QHSE Processes;
  • To comply and fulfill the QHSE legal requirements on all our work places environment;
  • To take into consideration all the QHSE aspects in each our decision;
  • To demonstrate, through our Managers and Group Leaders, our strong visible leadership towards QHSE;
  • To determine all our employees and contractors to be familiar with all the QHSE requirements and processes, to be actively concerned, committed and involved in QHSE aspects.

The Rompetrol Group N.V. furthermore is committed to a program of continual improvement in our performance towards the Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental objectives. This Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure ongoing suitability. All employees are expected to ensure that by their actions or omissions they do not contravene the letter or spirit of this policy.