Well Services

Rompetrol Well Services (RWS) is one of the leading companies on the specific market segment in Romania, offering a wide range of services for oil and gas wells, including cementing, consolidation and sand control services, stimulations, testing, slick-line, casing running operations. The company also operates in several countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Moreover, RWS oversees all ongoing projects from its headquarters in Ploiesti, Romania, providing technical support for 13 locations in Romania, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria.

The portfolio services are designed through the company's private resources of the company and in close cooperation with their customers.

Diversified services

On an external plan, RWS opened the third operational base in Kazahstan and initiated the first cementing contracts in the Balkan Peninsula. Recently, the company's services were oriented on gas exploration in north-eastern Bulgaria, and also on new projects in Hungary and Sudan.

RWS, through its services and sustaining of modernizing technologies and equipments, as well as employees' professional training, consolidates its position as a company with performance standards comparable with specialized multinational companies.

For more information please visit www.petros.ro .