The Trading division is one of the main divisions in The Rompetrol Group. Successfully combining a consistent asset base with the dedication of a team of experts, the division consolidated its operations and area of activities, situating itself as one of the most dynamic companies. The Trading Unit aims to optimize the flows of products and raw materials.

The Division is responsible with the identification of raw materials necessary for the Group's refineries. Also, in collaboration with the Refinery Division, the unit is responsible for acquiring the necessary resources with the best net margin and the flow of all Retail and export products.

Diversified operational entities

The basic components in Romania are represented by the following operational entities:

Vector Energy AG

The supply and trading subsidiary, with its main office in Zug (Switzerland);

Byron Shipping Ltd

Shipping transportation subsidiary responsible with the optimization of the commercial flow;

Midia Marine Terminal

Created to consolidate the link between the Eastern oil resources and the Western markets.

Thus, Rompetrol Trading is responsible with the optimization of the entire supply chain of the Rompetrol Group, from crude supply to selling finite products, acting as a core instrument in the area between the Caspian Sea and the western side of the Mediterranean.