Industrial Services

Rominserv is the first Romanian company dedicated to the integration of industrial maintenance and management services and industrial projects, and technical and technological development. Member of the Rompetrol Group, Rominserv provides its clients with a reliable alternative – both financially and operationally – from the traditional internal management of the project plant and equipment maintenance, to the performance of modernization and development investment projects.

Complete services for any type of project

Rominserv’s creativity and flexible work procedures lie at the heart of our offer comprising a complete and integrated range of services in the form of EPCM packages and specialized services:

Rominserv offers a complete mainenanance package – predictive, preventive and corrective – with integration possibility using specialised softs such as CMMS, ASSET MANAGEMENT & PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Industrial diagnostic services offered by Rominserv represent a very useful instrument in maintenance management, which lowers significantly the costs of accidental stops and of those determined by useless preventive maintenance activities, assuring in this manner the continuous functioning of industrial equipment.

Using up-to-date technical equipment, the general diagnostic activity generate an important economy of time and resources, anticipating and correcting possible problems.

Industrial diagnostic services offered by Rominserv include:

Predictive techniques - thermographic analysis, vibration analysis, oil analysis;

Nondestructive testing - in addition to traditional methods (magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic, dye penetrant) , scanning services are offered to tank bottoms;

PRAM test van specialized services;

Calibration measurement using PROVERA test van. The flow meter laboratory named PROVER is the only equipment of its kind in Romania, certified for metrological flow measurements and calibrations on fiscal/ non-fiscal meter systems for liquid petroleum products. It is a mobile laboratory that can travel to any location and operate in normal equipment run, without flow meter dismantling.