Exploration and Production

In 1986, the Exploration and Production division began its activities in the Murzuq Basin, in Libya. There, it contributed to the finding of the most important oil field in the area, of almost 100 MM bbl. Currently Rompetrol S.A. has five exploration and exploitation concessions in Romania - Zegujani, Satu Mare, Gresu, Nereju and Focsani. Between 2009 and 2011, The Rompetrol Group invested almost $ 7 million in acquisition, seismic processing and geological studies conducted while exploring the oil potential of different areas.

Complex processes

The division's activities focus on monitoring, processing and interpreting seismic information, as well as attracting new partners with potential and technical capabilities in the development of ongoing and prospect projects. At the same time, further important aspects regard work aimed at making new acquisitions, drafting the production architecture, and organization of tenders for selecting the drilling contractor.