Road construction

Original quality brand

Rompetrol offers Eurobitum – an original quality brand, represented by a special range of construction polymer modified bitumen. Obtained at Vega Ploiesti refinery, the products possess a superior resistance and reliability, which guarantees the asphalt's durability.

Vega Ploiesti Refinery is a niche refinery specialized in products with high added value, processing raw materials and production of alternative organic solvents, road bitumen and special biofuels for heating, as well as other special products.

Innovative services

Also, the refinery has invested over $ 7 million in the implementation of the first polymer modified bitumen installation in Romania, a product with superior strength and reliability. Through this process bitumen acquires:


In this manner, the investment made to achieve installation of polymer modified bitumen resulted in Eurobitum – a product with a morphological structure that is comparable with the most important worldwide achievements in this field.

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